UKQB–ASDAN partnership

UKQB is extremely glad to announce our first international partnership with ASDAN China. In close cooperation, we are going to provide question sets and moderators for regional and national quizbowl tournaments for high school students in China in the coming academic year. Travel restrictions permitting, the national winners will be invited to one of the UKQB tournaments in 2021. More information will be coming soon on the UKQB website and Facebook page. If you are a student in China willing to take part or a coach organising a team, please contact ASDAN for any inquiries.


ASDAN is a UK based awarding organization which has focused on skill-based education for over 35 years. ASDAN China is one of the largest branches of ASDAN with a network of 541 schools and engaging with over 60,000 students annually in China. Every year ASDAN China reaches more than 100,000 students through its 100+ programs. Through its nine years of existence, it has partnered with numerous international organizations (examples include International Academic Competitions, London International Youth Science Forum and the Worlds Scholars Cup) and has helped to organise quizbowl competitions, olympiads and key STEM competitions.

UK Quizbowl

Student buzzer quiz tournaments in the UK.