Qualification for BSQC

Due to increasing demand over the last few years, to play in the 2021 British Student Quiz Championships (BSQC), teams must now qualify. The result will be a twenty-four team tournament.

A team qualifies if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • They were in the top 4 at BSQC 2020;

  • They finish as one of the top 4 finishers who have not already qualified previously at a designated qualifier tournament (e.g., they finish 5th in an event in which the top four teams have already qualified) and four teams from their institution have not already qualified;

  • They receive one of 4 wildcards from the BSQC committee.

Teams affiliated with non-UK institutions may not qualify for BSQC directly, but may apply for a wildcard place. Wildcards will require an application and will be awarded partly on the basis of performances (PPG, PPB and finish places) at quizbowl tournaments throughout the 2020–21 season, as well as taking into account how new the institution is to quizbowl. Teams who have not attended a qualification event will not be awarded a place at BSQC unless in extraordinary circumstances. Roster changes between qualification tournaments and BSQC are permissible.

If a team is unable to attend, the organising committee will invite those teams who came fifth best of one or more of the qualification events, breaking any ties using difficulty-adjusted PPB.

The qualification events this term will be: IKEA Closed, which is being held on 24th October; and ACF Winter which is being held on 7th November. We will announce which events in next term’s calendar will be qualification events, as well as more detail about BSQC itself in the coming months.

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