Autumn 2020 tournament announcements

Autumn 2020 tournament announcements

While the coronavirus pandemic may mean that lots of university societies are struggling to run events, we are delighted to announce that UK Quizbowl has a wide range of quizbowl tournaments across multiple difficulty levels, all run via Zoom over the autumn term. Do keep updated at our Facebook page where we’ll create events with more details, and drop us a message with any and all queries.

September 26th — IKEA Open. We kick off this year’s quizbowl season with a ‘regular-minus’ tournament for non-university students. More details can be found here.

October 17th — ACF Fall. ACF Fall is, along with British Novice, one of the biggest novice-specific tournaments of the term. The questions are designed for players new to quizbowl, making it easier than the IKEA and ACF Winter tournaments taking place this term, and only marginally more difficult than British Novice. While ideal for novices, ACF Fall is also a good tournament for anyone with 1.5 years of quizbowl experience or less, though highly experienced players may be barred from playing. This set is produced by a team including our own Alex Hardwick as literature editor.

October 24th — IKEA Closed, which will be a repeat of IKEA Open, only available to teams of current students. The difficulty will be similar to that of EFT from previous years (last year’s packets can be found here) , which makes it suitable for most players looking to move on from novice-level quizzing.

November 7th — ACF Winter. This tournament will be similar in difficulty to IKEA, but with a twist: teams which have two members who have played before September 2019 must submit half a packet by October 3rd, making sets often much more varied. For more information on packet submission, see the HSQB forums announcement or contact UKQB directly.

November 14th — British Novice. Written by current British student quizzers and head-edited by our own Joseph Krol, this set is both enjoyable and widely varied in scope, and is always keenly anticipated. Ideal for all those starting out on their quizbowl path.

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