British Student Quiz Championships–2019

British Student Quiz Championships–2019

Current information about the event, including the continuously updating list of sign-ups, can be found on the Facebook event.

UK Quizbowl, in association with NAQT and Imperial College Quiz Society, will be hosting this year’s British Student Quiz Championships at Imperial College, London, on Sunday, March 10th (sic!). This is the biggest and most prestigious student-only academic buzzer quiz tournament in the UK, open to teams from all institutions.

The registration is now open, currently limited to two teams per institution. Expected field size is 30 teams with possibility of expansion, so in the case that the field is not filled, the limit might be lifted. We will also try to accommodate individual players whose institutions are not able to bring a full team. Please register a team by completing the form at the following link.

The fee system this year will be as follows: the basic fee is £40 with +£5 for every tournament your team has attended in the past year up to a maximum of £60; the fee for teams none of whose members have previously played in a quizbowl tournament is £20. Further discounts are: £5 for each buzzer set, £10 for each moderator provided, £10 long distance travel discount (>200 miles to get to London). If you have any questions about this system, please feel free to message us on Facebook or at

Four may play in any one game, but larger squads are permissible. One substitution during a game may be made at the halfway point, but not otherwise. Games will be untimed rounds of 24 starter/bonus questions according to the following distribution:

  • 4/4 Literature (of which 2/2 British and Commonwealth);

  • 4/4 History (of which 1.5/1.5 British);

  • 4/4 Science and Mathematics;

  • 2/2 Fine Art (1/1 visual, 1/1 musical);

  • 1.75/1.75 Geography (of which 0.5/0.5 British);

  • 2/2 Religion, Mythology and Philosophy;

  • 1/1 Current Events (of which at least 0.33/0.33 British);

  • 1.25/1.25 Social Science;

  • 2/2 Popular Culture;

  • 2/2 Miscellaneous (including 1/0 that augments the three core topics).

The questions themselves are adapted by UK Quizbowl from Division I of the NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament, which has already been played in the USA. Players intending to participate in BSQC have a personal responsibility to ensure that they avoid contact with this question set and discussion following it.

A report from BSQC–2018 can be found on our blog. We look forward to seeing a great number of teams on the 10th!

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