Call for elections (Updated)

Update (4/10/19): The elections have now concluded and the UKQB committee for 2019/20 is as follows:

  • George Charlson as President;

  • Daniel Lawson as Treasurer;

  • Vitalijs Brejevs as Secretary and Website Manager;

  • Evan Lynch as Tournament Supervisor;

  • Joseph Krol as Blog Manager;

  • Brandon Blackwell as Diversity and Wellbeing Officer;

  • Thomas De Bock as Outreach Officer;

  • Tya Raikundalia as Social Media Manager;

  • Oliver Clarke, Daoud Jackson, Tom Hill, Claire Jones and Danny Lay as Ordinary Committee Members.

We are seeking people to get involved with running UK Quizbowl next year to continue our exciting programme of growing student buzzer quizzing in the UK. Just some of the things we have achieved this year are: running the biggest ever British Student Quiz Championships; centralising the tournament hosting process and making it more transparent; leading the charge on the 2019 British Novice Tournament; providing financial and organisational assistance to new quiz societies across the country; liaising with the American question writers on behalf of hosts; establishing the website as the central hub for quizbowl events in the UK; and much more. If you would like to see more current and future students enjoy the game of quizbowl as much as you do, and especially if you have links to universities which do not yet play a lot of buzzer quiz, please consider running for one of the following committee positions:

  • President, who is in charge of directing UKQB overall;

  • Treasurer, who manages UKQB finances;

  • Secretary, who notifies members of votes and meetings, keeps minutes at meetings, records votes and maintains the mailing list;

  • Tournament Supervisor, who organises tournament announcements and UKQB tournaments, and oversees the writing and/or Briticisation of tournaments;

  • Website Manager, who maintains the website and assists in adding content to it;

  • Blog manager, who controls the writing of articles and tournament announcements on the website;

  • Diversity and Wellbeing Officer, who is tasked with ensuring that UKQB events remain welcoming and inclusive to all;

  • Outreach Officer, who coordinates outreach programmes;

  • Social Media Officer, who maintains and helps to run UKQB’s social media accounts;

  • Ordinary Committee Member.

You can hold two of these positions at a time. If you’re interested, please apply for these positions by emailing by 17th September. A vote will be held among the UKQB membership and we hope to have the elections finished by 24th September, details forthcoming. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above email or via Facebook.

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