Call for elections (Updated)

Update (28/08/20): The elections have now concluded and the UKQB committee for 2019/20 is as follows:

  • George Charlson as President;

  • Daniel Lawson as Treasurer;

  • Tya Raikundalia as Secretary;

  • Seoan Webb as Tournament Supervisor;

  • Michael Kohn as Blog Manager;

  • Frances Clark-Murray as Safeguarding Officer;

  • Thomas De Bock as Outreach Officer;

  • Alexander Hardwick as Communications Officer;

  • Vitalijs Brejevs as Digital Officer;

  • Laura Cooper, Andrew Corsini, Ben Russell Jones, Joseph Krol and Evan Lynch as Ordinary Committee Members.

We are seeking people to run for positions on the UK Quizbowl committee to continue our exciting programme of growing student buzzer quizzing in the UK in the 2020/21 season. As a student-led organisation, over the past two years we have tendered more than 30 events in eight universities across the UK, including the biggest ever British Student Quiz Championships, raised funds for charity, established a buzzer fund for new and expanding quiz societies, overseen the production of several tournaments for novice players, and much more. We especially encourage applications from current students at universities not currently represented on the committee of UKQB. The available positions are:

  • President: in charge of the overall direction of UKQB.

  • Treasurer: in charge of UKQB financial transactions, including charging participation fees and reimbursements.

  • Secretary: maintains the membership and mailing lists, organises committee meetings and elections, facilitates internal communication.

  • Tournament Supervisor: ensures that the tournaments are organised up to UKQB standards and manages the tournament schedule.

  • Blog Editor: produces, sources, and edits pieces for the UKQB blog.

  • Communications Officer: ensures that the information about events is shared in a timely and effective manner both directly with university Quiz Societies, and on social media.

  • Outreach Officer: coordinates UKQB outreach programmes.

  • Safeguarding Officer: ensures that the standards of safeguarding are upheld at UKQB events, participates in increasing diversity and representation.

  • Digital Officer: in charge of maintaining the UKQB website and inbox, manages the technical side of online quiz events.

  • Ordinary Members: various responsibilities that will be assigned throughout the year, such as leading the charge on individual events (including BSQC) or assisting other committee members.

Please apply by emailing by 11th August. A vote will be held among the UKQB membership and we hope to have the elections finished by 18th August, with more details forthcoming. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us by email or Facebook.

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