British Novice Tournament–2018

Current information about the tournament can be found on Facebook events for the London and Glasgow venues.

The 2018 edition of the British Novice Tournament (BNT) will be held on 17th November under the aegis of UK Quizbowl. This year, there will be two venues: Imperial College, London, and University of Glasgow. The field cap for the London venue is expected to be 12 teams, while Glasgow is prepared to accept up to 16 teams, both venues provisionally limited to two teams per institution.

This tournament, produced by an experienced team of British editors, is specifically geared towards players with minimal previous exposure to competitive quizbowl, and will be a great starting point for introducing new players to the game. It will also be a fantastic opportunity for this year’s prospective University Challenge teams to practice team buzzer quiz, provided they are eligible to play. An example packet from last year’s edition of the tournament can be found here, and you could familiarise yourself with the basic principles of the game via our introduction.

To be eligible for this tournament, players must (1) be in the first three (four in Scotland) years of a UK undergraduate degree and (2) have never averaged more than 30 points per game at a university-level quizbowl tournament. Players who do not meet either or both of these requirements can be admitted at the discretion of the organisers; please contact UK Quizbowl on Facebook or at if you wish to play but are not eligible (e.g., postgraduates who are new to quizbowl would be welcome to take part provided the teams they play on are balanced appropriately).

The base fee will be £40 per team in London, with a £10 discount for bringing a set of buzzers and £50 per team in Glasgow, each with a £10 discount for bringing a set of buzzers and a £10 discount if your university hasn’t played in the British Student Quiz Championships in the last five years.

To register, please complete either the London registration form or Glasgow registration form.

More current information will appear on Facebook events. We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the tournament!

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