Oxford Open Tournament–2019

For more information about the tournament, please see the Facebook event.

We are pleased to announce that a staple of the quizbowl season, the Oxford Open Tournament (OOT), will be hosted in Oxford on February 16. In keeping with the tradition, the questions will be produced by the members and alumni of the Oxford University Quiz Society: the intended diffuculty should be similar to the Oxford Autumn Tournament taking place this October. This tournament will be open to both student and non-student participants. The field size is to be confirmed, but is likely to be 24 teams, with a quota of at least six student teams. The base entry fee will be £60 per team, with a £5 discount for bringing a buzzer set and a £20 discount if multiple members of your team have to travel by aeroplane to get to the tournament.

The registration will be open from Wednesday, September 26, via emailing your name and your team’s name to alexander.peplow@merton.ox.ac.uk. Warning: the field for OOT usually fills up very quickly!

In addition to the main tournament, side events (usually, shorter tournaments concerning some particular topic) may be held the following day, February 17: more information about main and side events will be provided on the Facebook page.

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