Spring 2023: tournament announcements

Spring 2023: tournament announcements

The UKQB committee would like to welcome you to the new year and provide some updates on upcoming quiz tournaments.

January 21st–23rdBSQC qualifier (online). The qualifier for the 2023 British Student Quiz Championships is taking place this weekend via Zoom. Sixty bonus sets will be read in turn to teams of four players to fill sixteen of the twenty-four spots up for grabs. Cambridge A, Edinburgh A, Oxford A and Oxford B have already qualified by virtue of their performances last year, while four wildcard spots will be decided by the UK Quizbowl committee later on in term.

January 28thACF Regionals (Imperial). One of the hardest tournaments of the year will take place in London at the end of this month. Many teams have already written and submitted packets, and this tournament is likely to prove more rewarding for quizzers with some prior experience, although this is by no means required to enter. Apart from the chance to compete for the Regionals crown, Regs presents the opportunity for the best teams in the country to qualify for ACF Nationals in the United States.

February 11thMRNA II (Warwick). This tournament will be held in the UK for the second year running. The expected difficulty level is medium, around that of ACF Winter last term, and MRNA may provide a good opportunity for quizzers with a bit of experience to take a step up in difficulty.

March 4thBSQC 2023 (Imperial). The British Student Quiz Championships, the flagship tournament for UK teams, will once again, as tradition dictates, be held in London in early March. Cambridge will be seeking to retain their title, but face a strong challenge as this year’s field will surely be as competitive as ever. The qualification process is outlined above.

We would also like to make everyone aware that the Cambridge Oxford Open Tournament (or COOT) is taking place in Oxford on February 18th. This tournament is open to students and non-students alike, and more details can be found here.

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