Summer 2024: tournament announcements

Summer 2024: tournament announcements

UK Quizbowl is pleased to be able to confirm the dates and locations of four more tournaments taking place this summer. All these tournaments are planned to be held in-person, with three of them being open to people who are not current university students.

May 11thDeep Bench ●●. This is an open tournament being run on the Deep Bench format, using the ‘Booster Shot’ question set. 2024 Deep Bench will be held in Christ Church in the University of Oxford. Players sign up as individuals, before being placed into teams of 8 by appointed team captains via a draft. The teams will be split into groups of one, two, two and three for tossup-only matches in the morning, and then split into two groups of four for normal quizbowl matches in the afternoon.

June 15thBooster Shot ●●. This is a 2-dot (medium-difficulty) closed tournament which will be hosted at Imperial College London. The difficulty is expected to be similar to that of ACF Winter and last year’s MRNA II tournament. Please note that people who played or moderated for Deep Bench at Oxford will not be able to compete in this tournament, as both events are using the same set of questions.

June 22ndWashBowl Open ●●. Following on from the success of the student tournament back in March, Warwick will be hosting an open mirror of WashBowl. For the unfamiliar, WashBowl is a quizbowl tournament entirely focusing on pop culture, jointly written by the quiz societies of Warwick and Sheffield. Details about the topic distribution can be found here.

July 13thICT Division I ●●●●. An open mirror of the ICT is planned to be held at Warwick this July. This tournament would be suitable for experienced quizbowl players looking for a serious challenge. Like Deep Bench, sign-ups will be individual, with captains selecting their players via a draft.

We may be organising a couple more tournaments later on in the summer before the start of the 2024–25 academic year, so be sure to follow our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to be kept in the know. Tournament signups will be linked on our Facebook page.

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