Warwick Novice Tournament–2018

For more information about the tournament, please see the Facebook event.

UKQB is pleased to announce the Warwick Novice Tournament (WNT), which will take place on November 3rd on the Warwick University campus. This will be a set adapted from ACF Fall, an American tournament, and will be Briticised for the UK student audience.

This tournament is one of the easier ones we play all year, and is normally a fun day for people who’ve never picked up a buzzer in anger before. Sign up and more information can be found here.

A sample question from the tournament last year is below:

William Brydon was the only European out of a force of five thousand British troops led by William Elphinstone to survive a massacre in this country. Texas representative Charlie Wilson supported covertly funding guerillas in this country. The Saur Revolution overthrew a prime minister of this country who in turn overthrew its last king, Zahir Shah. This country maintained its independence by serving as a buffer state between British India and Russia. The United States provided Stinger missiles to resistance fighters in this country known as mujahideen. For 10 points, name this central Asian country invaded by the Soviet Union in the 1980s, which was once ruled by the Taliban.

ANSWER: Afghanistan.

The whole tournament from 2017 can be found online here.

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